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Got Your Hands Full

(What Strangers Say to Moms + Why You Shouldn’t Listen)

Strangers have so much to say to mothers,

but only One voice is truly worth our attention.

Got Your Hands Full takes you through all of the overplayed phrases folks just love to say to moms these days! It then gracefully replaces each word of unsolicited advice with the only guiding voice ever needed – the very Word of God. A book of brutal honesty laced with Biblical truth, Got Your Hands Full enters a mom of five’s everyday world of loving chaos. The author’s own motherhood experiences are both hilarious and heartening, while her life lessons are Scripture-filled and straightforward. Perfect for moms of more than 1.87 children or anyone carrying more than they can handle, this book offers mommas the simple, yet unmatched encouragement that comes only from following after God’s own heart.

What moms are saying about Got Your Hands Full

Got Your Hands Full is a wonderful reminder of how we should look to God’s word to find direction and encouragement as we try to navigate this beautiful and often times difficult job of parenting!  Michelle cites Scripture to help direct our focus from worldly comments to the most important voice we need to hear during our parenting journey – the Lord’s.  She shares her experiences with humor and is an example of boldness to speak God’s truths.”  -Tara Nott Cunningham, Olympic Gold Medalist & mother of 5, State College PA 

Got Your Hands Full beautifully shares everyday experiences of motherhood entwined with Scripture to encourage a mama along! I love how Michelle cites a mom-moment and gives an applicable scripture to capture it! It amazes me how our Lord gives us all the tools we need in His Holy Word. I enjoyed reading her experiences, comparing them with my own, and gaining insight to how the Lord provides wisdom for the journey. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your heart and the Lord’s hand in your life by writing this book!” – Kelly Hudak, mother of 8, Ocean City, NJ 

“In true Michelle fashion, Got Your Hands Full mixes the perfect amount of humor, grace and truth together for a beautiful reflection of the Father-heart of God! Even though some of my children are older now, everything Michelle writes still rings true and I am grateful for the way this book points to the Truth!” – Becky Eveleth, mother of 6, Centre County, PA

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